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The case notes listed below are intended to give a flavour of the sort of work I have undertaken for private clients, but they do not reflect the full scope of my activities. If you have a project in mind, but are not sure if you need the services of a freelance researcher, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to have a free initial discussion about your project in order to help you clarify your goals, determine the research options available and give an informed view of the chances of success.


My clients have included private individuals, fellow research professionals and companies, based both here in the UK and abroad.

Case notes: sensitive correspondence in wartime
A researcher based in the Midlands, and unable to travel to London, contacted me with a view to exploring the personal correspondence of the Liberal MP Sir Arthur Basil Markham...
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Case Notes: Government Papers
A professional archivist based at a higher education institution has charge of the personal papers of a prominent statistician, who served on a government committee that investigated working-class living standards during the First World War. I was asked to investigate a file that had been identified at The National Archives to see if it included any official working records…
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Case notes: The Avant Garde in Hampstead
An author who was writing a book about a group of artists working in north London in the 1930s approached me to see if I could track down any references to his subjects among difficult-to-access newspapers and archival collections…
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Case notes: Beyond a List of Names and Dates – Writing a Family History
Presented with a great mass of research notes, family papers, email exchanges, birth certificates and the accumulated efforts of a number of other genealogists, I was asked by my client to work through it all, confirm, refute, add or remove as appropriate, and generally make sense of the family story as best I could…
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